Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Beaver Shredding : Chicago Document Shredding Services

Beaver Shred, INC. - Chicago Document ShreddingBeaver Shredding Inc. is a Chicago document shredding company that serves the greater Chicagoland area.

There website you will see is pretty basic and doesn't look like it's had an update in awhile. That's okay though, sometimes things don't need to be complex and this website sure isn't.

Beaver Shred provides paper shredding services to Chicago including mobile paper shredding, meaning they'll send the truck pictured to the right straight to your office so they can grind up all your old paper, accounts, credit card receipts, invoices and all kinds of paper data that could end up causing you problems if it got into the wrong hands.

Data security isn't just about your security, it's about the security of your clients as well. No company wants the publicity that comes from having your clients files and credit card numbers taken out of your trash. It's happened before and it's not just embarrassing, it hurts your reputation and will cost you business and money. It's much easier to get a data security bin dropped off at your office that is locked so no one can get in and is picked up regularly and all it's contents thoroughly destroyed.

Call Beaver Shredding for secure document destruction and paper shredding:
Toll Free: 866-674-7323

Or use their online contact form



(and if you do website design, give'em a call because they need a new website)

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