Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jeniko - Car Laptop Mounts and Nitrous Mounts

Jeniko is a company selling car laptop mounts, nitrous oxide mounts and accessories such as brackets and whatnot to go with them.

Wouldn't you like to have a nitrous tank on your car so you can accelerate at high speed while using your laptop? That's cool.

Apparently there are legitimate uses for these products like using them on emergency vehicles and police cars. Don't tell that to fans of The Fast and the Furious though.

Mobile laptop mounts are also becoming a standard in police vehicles but I've know a car enthusiast who used one to soup up a car, a Subaru in this case, and increase performance.

The Jeniko site is a simple database site that is easy to navigate and well organized. Site layout is good, navigation on the left to all the products and main section navigation at the top. Looks pretty good and the design seems to fit the target market well. Big selection of laptop car mounts for different sized vehicles. You can order direct from the site and all the important specs are available. Overall one of the better sites I've reviewed in the last week.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cup of Wisdom - Daily Motivational Text Messages

Looking for some motivation? Inspiration? Cup of Wisdom offers daily motivational text messages sent to your cell phone at the start of each day.

Does it work? I don't know but I'd have to assume like most motivational methods it's really up to you. Can a text message be more effective than listening to Tony Robbins Personal Power? I would be inclined to say no but everybody's different and if this helps you succeed then go for it.

There's a special team motivation for corporations looking to jump start their sales team. Personally I would recommend more vacation time like the rest of the western world outside the US.

The site is pretty simple with just five pages so you can guarantee you won't get lost. The site design is not bad and who doesn't love a stock photo of a guy smiling at his cell phone? Click out the Emergency Motivation button if you want to watch the Flash movie promoting the service. It will change your life. Or not.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007 - The Weather Channel - One of the greatest websites ever! In terms of usefulness at least. This is a website that I visit nearly every single day.

Get the current weather, daily forecast, hour by hour forecast, weekend forecast, weather reports for recreation, updated radar views of weather patterns, storm warnings, basically EVERYTHING Weather.

Hell Yeah. Thanks for providing such a useful site free of charge. Great example of brokering information for free and profiting from the advertising. Provide a site that is this useful and serves your audience so well and you are sure to have a hit on your hands.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Real Estate Magnets - Build Your Own Promotional Magnets is a newer site offering real estate agent marketing tools and promotional products. Number one on the list of products you may guess from the name of the company is of course: real estate magnets.

There is an assortment of useful products like calendar magnets, automotive magnets and magnetic business cards. If you work for a big real estate firm they already have templates with corporate logos so that all you have to do is add your information and order. You can also upload your own design to get printed on magnets.

The services seem useful and the option to build your own real estate magnets from templates or upload your own real estate magnet is cool. The site design is clean and easy to use when you get into the process. Good layout and easy to find what you need. Very useful if your a real estate agent, title company or mortgage broker. I think I might get some joke magnets made and slap them onto peoples cars :-)

Tantra Butterfly - Chicago Tantra Massage

Tantra Butterfly is the website of Diana, a provider of New Orleans Tantra Massage which she says will help you achieve greater body consciousness and experience your own transcendental journey. I certainly can't vouch for that but it sounds awesome and I would love to find out.

You'll find descriptions of all her services on the services page, which includes Kundalini massage, whatever that is, nude erotic massage and prostate massage, which sounds interesting.

Many viewers may enjoy her gallery page, which includes many photos of the "Goddess" as she describes herself. (WARNING - Adult Content - must be 18 or older)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Mission - Mr D's Website Reviews Blog and Web Directory

Welcome to Mr D's Website Reviews Blog. This is where I will be doing website reviews for product and service websites.

As someone who has worked in web advertising and marketing I've seen the need for an alternative to the traditional website directory.

This site will provide a similar purpose but instead of being a giant listing of text links, this will be a human edited web directory blog featuring reviews of the site, photos, links to interior pages of websites and space for customers or visitors to comment.

Site submissions are accepted but reviews are at the discretion of Mr. D and are in no way guaranteed. I'd like to review them all, but come on - it's impossible. Be friendly and I'll give your site a look.

Supermarket Parts Warehouse - Replacement Parts

Supermarket Parts Warehouse supplies is a specialty supplier of supermarket fixture replacement parts. This niche is well served by an extensive selection of door gaskets, electrical components, expansion valves, fans, heaters, plumbing components, shelves and racks, specialty equipment, thermometers, and new and re manufactured cases. All the major brands on the market are represented including Kason parts, Hussmann parts and more.

You can order from the online catalog of supermarket replacement parts and get next day shipping or request a print catalog of parts.

The site is fairly simple, loads quickly and is easy to navigate. Pretty easy to find what you need and there is a search function. If you need a part for a cooler or supermarket fixture - it's here.