Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Garden Chalet Banquet Hall

If you are looking at banquet halls in Chicago then take a moment to consider Garden Chalet banquets for your Chicago wedding reception or special event. Garden Chalet is located in Worth, Illinois, conveniently near both the city, suburbs and major transportation routes. It is a family owned reception halls in Chicago and provides the personal touch you get from a small business who's reputation is always on the line. The people you will be working with to plan your family reunion, corporate party or wedding reception are the same people who own the business.

The facility features two separate reception halls, a desert room and an outdoor area for garden wedding receptions.

The website is softly colored and styled much like you might see on a wedding invitation. A very cool feature people searching for banquet halls in Chicago will like is that not only are there a gallery of photos of the facility but also videos as well. You will also find the reception menus on the site, which include different menus, prices, and packages available, including a catering menu. So they've done a good job including all the basic information you will need to help make your banquet hall location decision. Nice website guys!

View the Garden Chalet Location Map
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Call Garden Chalet at 708.361.0400

Monday, December 15, 2008

Chicagoland Bankruptcy

Chicago bankruptcyChicagoland Bankruptcy is the website of Chicago bankruptcy attorney Stuart Handelman, which as the site proudly states, has been declared attorney of the year for his work in the Chicago bankruptcy field. It's kind of sad, but the truth is, the bankruptcy industry is doing quite well. The economy is not doing well at the moment. A lot of homes are being foreclosed on and a lot of people are unfortunately finding themselves in bankruptcy.

But how do you find a good Chicago Bankrutcy lawyer? Can you trust your bankruptcy lawyer to provide you with reliable bankruptcy options? How do you know your lawyer is even really concerned with your well being? I would say that past performance is a good indication of future performance, so you should go with a bankruptcy attorney that has a solid reputation and years of experience behind them. If you are in the Chicago area, that will bring you to Sturart Handelman.

Stuart Handelman has four locations in the Chicagoland region to serve the areas bankruptcy needs. He also has his bankrutpcy website which provides useful information and a clean, easy to navigate interface. The site is not overloaded with content but provides genuinely useful resources to get you started. You can learn how to stop bill collector harrassment, find answers to bankruptcy frequently asked questions, what are financial warning signs indicating that bankruptcy may be a solution an information on the background of his firm.

Also of great interest will be the free bankruptcy podcasts that you can listen to or download. Listen to the podcasts and see how they apply to your situation. If you are interested, contact the office for a free Chicago bankruptcy consultation. You'll wonder why you didn't contact them sooner

Friday, December 12, 2008

Smithe Furniture Stores Chicago

walter e smithe chicago furniture stores
If you live in the Chicagoland area, it's very likely you've already heard of Walter E Smithe Chicago Furniture Stores. Around here, they're as famous for their quirky commercials featuring the Smithe Brothers as they are for their custom furniture design.

With thirteen furniture stores in Chicago and a recognizable brand and advertising presense, Walter E Smithe is definitely the leading furniture store in Chicago. So how's their website?

It has a fairly clean look, it's organized well and easy to navigate. The cool brown colors are easy on the eyes and although there is a lot of content on the site it never gets crowded or too busy. The main navigation bar is across the top and has drop down categories. All the navigation is really easy to use and is very intuitive. Need to find bedroom furniture in Chicago, well just go to the furniture tab, follow the drop down to bedroom and you're there. Makes complete sense right, and yet there are sites that can mess up their categories. You'll find what ever you need on this site within a few seconds, which is exactly what you want out of a site.

So visit The Walter E Smithe Furniture website and start looking! Check out the On Sale Now section (which is updated very frequently) for limited time only deals

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Can You DIGG It ??!!!

Okay, although I've been reviewing sites that amuse me, lately I've posted a few lame ones. So let's talk about a site that rocks:

DIGG.com - You've probably heard about it already but maybe not. I just met someone who had never heard of Wikipedia! So if you don't know about Digg, it's a fun place to visit and find links to interesting news stories about almost anything, from humor, to politics, technology, sports, celebrity gossip, whatever you're looking for.

What seperates Digg from other news sites? It is what has been called a "social news" website, or "web 2.0" site, meaning users of the site vote and comment on every story. The most popular stories rise to the top of their category and the least popular sink to the bottom. So when you visit the section you're interested in, you see the most popular current stories in that category. Want to know what people are talking about RIGHT NOW? That's easy. What's the most popular baseball story of the day? Find out!

You can find a lot of news and information that haven't caught on in the mainstream media just yet. Or, if you want to find a story on a specific topic or event, find out which story people are talking about the most, whether it came from the NY Times, Chicago Tribune, or someone's blog. Very Cool!

Big thumbs up to Digg!! Visit Digg right now.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cosmetic Surgery Tampa

Tampa Cosmetic Surgery


Tampa Cosmetic Surgery is the new YouTube page from Isis Cosmetic where you can view video testimonials from cosmetic surgery in Tampa recipients.

Isis Cosmetic is the leading cosmetic surgery center in Tampa and Jacksonville, FL region. Isis specializes in cosmetic procedures including botox, liposuction, smart lipo, vaser lipo and more. Their office is located at 2815 West Virginia Ave. Suite A, Tampa, FL 33607.

LipoSelection uses sound waves to remove un-wanted, exercise resistant fat. Isis Cosmetic surgeons can safely sculpt areas of the body with high precision and take inches off in hours.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sit Back and Be Amazed!!!

So who feels like a get rich quick scheme today? We all want to be rich, right?

We all want to make tons of money doing as little work as possible, no work at all if possible. Well here you go, someone sent me this site: CashLeveragingNetwork.com

What is the Cash Leveraging Network System? Unfortunately, I don't know because as the home page clearly states, it's by invitation only. Sigh.

I do no it promises you can SIT BACK AND BE AMAZED as you watch your computer leverage $25 into $75,000.


I've got $50 in my wallet right now, that means if only I could get in on this I could just sit here and watch my computer instantly turn it into $150,000!!!!!

It almost sounds too good to be true! Hmmmmm........

Either way, check out the site because you can't deny the power of the flash animation of the woman sitting at the computer as streams of money fly into her face. Whoa!

As far as places to invest your money, well.... can't say I recommend it but hey it's your money.