Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jeniko - Car Laptop Mounts and Nitrous Mounts

Jeniko is a company selling car laptop mounts, nitrous oxide mounts and accessories such as brackets and whatnot to go with them.

Wouldn't you like to have a nitrous tank on your car so you can accelerate at high speed while using your laptop? That's cool.

Apparently there are legitimate uses for these products like using them on emergency vehicles and police cars. Don't tell that to fans of The Fast and the Furious though.

Mobile laptop mounts are also becoming a standard in police vehicles but I've know a car enthusiast who used one to soup up a car, a Subaru in this case, and increase performance.

The Jeniko site is a simple database site that is easy to navigate and well organized. Site layout is good, navigation on the left to all the products and main section navigation at the top. Looks pretty good and the design seems to fit the target market well. Big selection of laptop car mounts for different sized vehicles. You can order direct from the site and all the important specs are available. Overall one of the better sites I've reviewed in the last week.

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