Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cup of Wisdom - Daily Motivational Text Messages

Looking for some motivation? Inspiration? Cup of Wisdom offers daily motivational text messages sent to your cell phone at the start of each day.

Does it work? I don't know but I'd have to assume like most motivational methods it's really up to you. Can a text message be more effective than listening to Tony Robbins Personal Power? I would be inclined to say no but everybody's different and if this helps you succeed then go for it.

There's a special team motivation for corporations looking to jump start their sales team. Personally I would recommend more vacation time like the rest of the western world outside the US.

The site is pretty simple with just five pages so you can guarantee you won't get lost. The site design is not bad and who doesn't love a stock photo of a guy smiling at his cell phone? Click out the Emergency Motivation button if you want to watch the Flash movie promoting the service. It will change your life. Or not.

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Everything Attitude said...

This is a great idea! Every bit of extra motivation helps. If you'd like a few more quotes from a unique motivational speaker, look me up!