Monday, December 15, 2008

Chicagoland Bankruptcy

Chicago bankruptcyChicagoland Bankruptcy is the website of Chicago bankruptcy attorney Stuart Handelman, which as the site proudly states, has been declared attorney of the year for his work in the Chicago bankruptcy field. It's kind of sad, but the truth is, the bankruptcy industry is doing quite well. The economy is not doing well at the moment. A lot of homes are being foreclosed on and a lot of people are unfortunately finding themselves in bankruptcy.

But how do you find a good Chicago Bankrutcy lawyer? Can you trust your bankruptcy lawyer to provide you with reliable bankruptcy options? How do you know your lawyer is even really concerned with your well being? I would say that past performance is a good indication of future performance, so you should go with a bankruptcy attorney that has a solid reputation and years of experience behind them. If you are in the Chicago area, that will bring you to Sturart Handelman.

Stuart Handelman has four locations in the Chicagoland region to serve the areas bankruptcy needs. He also has his bankrutpcy website which provides useful information and a clean, easy to navigate interface. The site is not overloaded with content but provides genuinely useful resources to get you started. You can learn how to stop bill collector harrassment, find answers to bankruptcy frequently asked questions, what are financial warning signs indicating that bankruptcy may be a solution an information on the background of his firm.

Also of great interest will be the free bankruptcy podcasts that you can listen to or download. Listen to the podcasts and see how they apply to your situation. If you are interested, contact the office for a free Chicago bankruptcy consultation. You'll wonder why you didn't contact them sooner

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