Thursday, December 11, 2008

Can You DIGG It ??!!!

Okay, although I've been reviewing sites that amuse me, lately I've posted a few lame ones. So let's talk about a site that rocks: - You've probably heard about it already but maybe not. I just met someone who had never heard of Wikipedia! So if you don't know about Digg, it's a fun place to visit and find links to interesting news stories about almost anything, from humor, to politics, technology, sports, celebrity gossip, whatever you're looking for.

What seperates Digg from other news sites? It is what has been called a "social news" website, or "web 2.0" site, meaning users of the site vote and comment on every story. The most popular stories rise to the top of their category and the least popular sink to the bottom. So when you visit the section you're interested in, you see the most popular current stories in that category. Want to know what people are talking about RIGHT NOW? That's easy. What's the most popular baseball story of the day? Find out!

You can find a lot of news and information that haven't caught on in the mainstream media just yet. Or, if you want to find a story on a specific topic or event, find out which story people are talking about the most, whether it came from the NY Times, Chicago Tribune, or someone's blog. Very Cool!

Big thumbs up to Digg!! Visit Digg right now.

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