Thursday, May 1, 2008

Graduation Cap and Gown for University of California

Looking for a University of California Graduation Cap and Gown? The place to find it is Graduate Affairs, who is one of the countries largest suppliers of academic regalia.

You can get the bachelors cap and gown, masters cap and gown and the hard to find University of California Custom PHD Cap and Gown. It features distinctive features and the U of C school colors on the gown.

You can go to Graduate Affairs to get graduation caps, gowns and tassels for the University of California as well as many other colleges and universities. They also supply Kindergarten caps and gowns, middle school and high school regalia as well. Graduate affairs pretty much supplies caps and gowns for every level of education in a range of colors and styles. They always have your order in stock and offer no minimum size order!

Shop at Graduate Affairs

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